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How to send BIG FILES

If you are not able to visit us at our offices, you can send us your files recorded on CD, DVD or via Internet.
This article explains the internet sending process.
It is recommended the files which will be sent to be compressed first, using some of the applications like (Win Zip or Win RAR)
If the size of the compressed archive is less than 15 MB, then you can send it to us via our email address: info@grafoprom.com
For files larger than 15 MB, you can use some of the specialized web portals like:


This is the procedure:

  1. You should click the “Add your files” field and locate the archive on your computer.
  2. Into the field “Email to” you enter our email address: info@grafoprom.com,
  3. Into the field “Your email” you enter your email address.
  4. Into the field “Message” enter if you have something to add.
  5. Click  “Transfer” 
  6. Wait for the files to upload = 100%.
  7. You should receive a “Success” message
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